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On this page you can find the standard version of the terms and conditions of the YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. website. Please note that some countries require different terms and conditions.

The Terms and Conditions of the YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. website are the following:

Copyright. The copyright of this published material belongs to YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd.

Permission for reproduction Anybody can reproduce some of the material on these web pages whilst subject to the following conditions:

The material can be used solely for informative purposes and not commercial ones. It cannot be modified in any way at all.

No unauthorised copy can be made of any registered trademark belonging to YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. Any copy of some of the material must include the following copyright notice:

Copyright © 2011 YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Registered trademarks of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd.

YES, SERVICE is a registered trademark belonging to YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. or any other company in the YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. group and were registered in at least one jurisdiction. No licence nor any suggestion of one has been granted over any of these registered trademarks. These registered trademarks cannot be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used, modified, or distributed in any way (unless as an integral part of an authorised copy of the material which appears on this web page, as has been established in the previous paragraph) without having previously obtained written consent.

Other Registered Trademarks and Commercial Names

All the registered trademarks or commercial names which are referred to in this material are the property of their respective owners.

YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. thanks you for your information, ideas, and suggestions, but will not be able to respond to individual comments. YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. shall be able to use any information sent by you and will be able to act accordingly.

Usage of the interactive features of this site

For your convenience, YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. shall be able to offer interactive features on this site, such as access to tracking and user comments. You are permitted to use these features only for specific aims and not for any other purpose.

Correction of this site

This web page may contain inadvertent errors or spelling mistakes. These may be corrected at YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd.’s discretion as they are identified. The information on this web page is updated regularly, but errors may remain or appear during the implementation of changed or during updates. The online information is stored independently in several locations around the world and some of the content accessed through this web page may originate from outside YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. accepts no responsibility or obligation for this content.

YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. will make reasonable efforts to remove viruses included on the web page, but cannot guarantee their total absence and furthermore accepts no legal responsibility for such viruses. You must take appropriate measure before downloading content form this web page.

Liability Disclaimer

The services, content, and data on this website are provided on a hypothetical ‘as-is’ basis. YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. assumes no responsibility, to the fullest extent of the law, though these may be express, tacit, statutory, or of another type, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement by third parties, and suitability for a particular purpose. YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. and their affiliates and licensed companies do not represent or assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, security, or suitability of the services, content, or information provided by means of the YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. website or their systems. None of the information obtained by means of the systems or website of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. shall create any liability which has not been explicitly expressed by YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. in these terms and conditions.

Some jurisdictions do not allow implicit limitations on liability, and it is for this reason that the limitations and exclusions in this section may not be able to be applied if you are a client. These precautions will not affect your statutory rights which cannot be given up, in the event that they exist. You acknowledge that you are in agreement and that you know that the limitations and exclusions of responsibility and warranty expressed in these terms and conditions are fair and reasonable.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by the law, in no case shall YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. nor any of its affiliates, licensed companies, or third parties mentioned on the website of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd., be held responsible for any incidental, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damage, loss of earnings or harm resulting from loss of data or interruption of service to any system, service, content, or data, be that under warranty, contract, tort, offence, or any other legal theory, even in the case that YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. has been evaluated for the possibility of such harm. Notwithstanding the provisions of the above, and to the fullest extent permitted by the law, you acknowledge that you agree that in no event shall the responsibility of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. for any harm (direct or not) or loss, regardless of the action or grievance, or equally part of a contract, tort, or other medium, exceed 10,000 Euros. As long as the law permits it, the solutions established here by you in these terms and conditions are exclusive and are limited to those expressly provided by these terms and conditions.

Products and Services
Unless specified otherwise in writing, the transport of the products and services mentioned on this web page are subject to the shipment terms and conditions of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. Given that these may vary depending on the location of the country of origin on the shipment, contact the closest YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. service centre to obtain a copy of the local terms and conditions. The products and services offered by YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. may not be available in all countries.

Dissemination of information
All the information given to YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. by the visitors to this web page shall be considered private and will not be shared by YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. to any third party, unless this is required for the rendering of services.

Privacy Policy
YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. is committed to maintaining the privacy of the users of its website. All the data that you provide concerning you as an individual will be used exclusively to improve the services which we offer you, and to make the content and service of the website easier to use and more appropriate for you. We will be able to use this data with your permission in order to contact you with information about updates to our website or other marketing information. YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. will never share the data obtained by any section of its website with any other organisation and shall not do so in the future, unless required to do so by law. Neither will we sell the data obtained by this website to any third party outside YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

It is necessary to register and get a password to access certain sections of YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd.’s website. The clients’ data collected by these sections can be used for marketing efforts by YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. Furthermore, access is provided to correct the aforementioned data in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Some shipment information will be provided to the authorities of the transit or destination countries for customs or tax controls or for security checkpoints, in accordance with the laws of said country. The information provided normally includes: name and address of the sender, name and address of the recipient, description of the items, number of components, weight, and shipment value.

YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any moment with or without prior warning. Check them frequently to stay informed of such changes. By using YES, SERVICE LOGISTICS Ltd. you acknowledge your agreement with this Privacy Policy.